Automotive / Transportation


If you require durable performance with ease of operation, Matdan is pleased to offer customized and innovative solutions that match your specific requirements. With extensive experience working with industry leading Automotive and Transportation OEM’s, Matdan’s trained technical representatives can deliver world-class products that meet the most demanding conditions. Matdan’s technical design experts will also help improve important interface components that are critical to the functionality and ease of use by the consumer. With quick responses and customer-driven solutions, let Matdan show you how we can exceed your expectations today.

Aerospace / Aviation


In designing interior and exterior fasteners, Matdan provides superior fastening solutions that allow for ease of assembly and serviceability. Matdan’s high quality parts ensure dependability within the cockpit or in panel fastening systems containing critical avionic instrumentation. Count on Matdan to reduce your costs and lead time on these essential components.



Throughout the history of the company, Matdan has worked closely with industry leading manufacturers and OEM’s to protect armored vehicles, assist in transmitting mission-critical communications and enhance the durability, longevity and performance of tanks and battleships. Matdan’s wide variety of mission-critical fasteners, springs and industrial hardware ensure dependable performance during the most crucial life-threatening moments.

Networking / Telecom / Computers


Matdan’s captive fasteners and hardware are ideal solutions for providing accessibility, convenience and functionality even in the most demanding applications. While serving customers from our multiple manufacturing facilities worldwide, Matdan provides quick delivery with considerable savings over industry competitors. With over 14 years experience in providing solutions to worldwide industry leaders, Matdan has provided OEM’s and Contract Manufacturers with an approved source for standard and custom captive fasteners and hardware. Contact Matdan to understand how we can provide high quality engineered solutions while reducing lead times, costs and unnecessary minimal order quantities.



By working closely with industry leaders within the marine industry, Matdan has been able to offer unique solutions that match the craftsmanship and style critical to a boat’s design. While providing low cost alternatives, let Matdan offer high-quality, corrosion resistant fasteners that ensure durability throughout the life of your craft.



With superior customer service and quick responsiveness, Matdan’s technical service and sales team provide assistance to design solutions for enclosures that protect sensitive electronic equipment. Our broad offering of captive fasteners and quick access hardware is ideal when you require a solution that ensures security and easy access to expensive electronics. Our standard products can be easily modified or designed specifically to match your unique requirements- at a fraction of a cost to industry competitors. Let Matdan design a solution for you today that meets or exceeds your expectations in price, delivery and performance.



From precision cooling to everyday residential units, Matdan works closely with HVAC customers to provide quick access and captive solutions helping maintenance teams quickly maintain and fix units.  Matdan’s solutions help reduce maintenance costs and reduce down time by providing value added fastening systems.



From solar panels to power plants and wind turbines, Matdan provides fastening and access hardware solutions for many different applications.  These fasteners are designed for customers who require quick and easy ways to access their electrical panels as well as ways to mount their systems.  Matdan’s expertise is relied on by many major corporations.



Matdan has provided specialty fasteners for the medical device industry for many years.  We understand the special quality and material needs and can provide custom fastening systems that will meet or exceed industry standards.