MFL Series

Matdan's MFL Series "Speed Lead" fasteners utilize a unique, modified ACME thread to allow for quick installation while dramatically improving misalignment. "Speed Leads" help protect panel finishes while providing quick installation and the grip strength of a captive screw.


  • Unique threads provide easy and quick installation, resistance to cross-threading and contamination
  • Improved alignment and unique threads offer reduced turning effort over standard screws
  • Ideal for repeatedly accessed applications
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction provides durable performance and corrosion resistance

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Part Numberinstallationthreaddrivelengthscrew_materialfinish
MFL-MPR-CPress-In ReceptacleMediumCarbon SteelZinc Plate Chromate Plus Sealer
MFL-SCN-SClip-On Narrow ReceptacleSmall
MFL-MSR-CSaddle Rivet ReceptacleMedium1070 Carbon SteelSealant
MFL-SSR-SSaddle Rivet ReceptacleSmall302 Stainless SteelPassivated
MFL-SRSSmall304 Stainless SteelPassivated
MFL-MFR20-SFlat Rivet ReceptacleMedium302 Stainless SteelPassivated
MFL-MFW-SFlat Weld ReceptacleMedium302 Stainless SteelPassivated
MFL-MSR-SSaddle Rivet ReceptacleMedium302 Stainless SteelPassivated
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