Q Series

Matdan's Q Series "¼-turn fasteners" quickly secure panels with a simple quarter-turn to the fastener. With both tool and hand activated fastener styles and several receptacle types, these flexible fasteners can be designed to function in virtually any mounting requirement.


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  • Ideal fastening system for captivated, quick-access and accurate alignment of panels
  • Dozens of sizes can accomodate a wide variety of material thickness requirements
  • Effective assembly requires selection of three unique components – stud, receptacle and retainer
  • Available in both standard and custom materials and sizes, as well


Parts List Swipe this way

Part Numberthreaddrivelengthmaterialfinish
QS-MBH-855-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.855Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-875-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.875Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-635-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.635Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-655-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.655Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-675-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.675Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-695-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.695Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-715-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.715Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-735-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.735Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-755-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.755Stainless SteelPassivated
QS-MBH-775-SSMediumBail Horizontal0.775Stainless SteelPassivated
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