P Series

Matdan's wide assortment of custom and standard Spring Loaded Plungers offer quick, simple and easy installation and removal of components, racks and drawers. With a simple, short pull on the knob of the plunger, these captivated fasteners provide quick-release for a variety of applications.


  • Allows quick release of sliding parts
  • Function as locator or hinge pin for removable doors or drawers
  • Available with hold-open feature
  • Press-in installation type
  • Knurled knob for gripping

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Part Numberinstallationp2_infinishmin_panelmax_panelfeatures
PSS-H-ZPress-InZinc Plate Chromate Plus Sealer1.6 (.06)3.8 (.15)
PSS-H-BPress-InBlack Nitride1.6 (.06)3.8 (.15)
PSS-N-ZPress-InZinc Plate Chromate Plus Sealer1.6 (.06)3.8 (.15)
PSS-N-BPress-InBlack Nitride1.6 (.06)3.8 (.15)
PPL-H-ZPress-InZinc Plate Chromate Plus Sealer1.6 (.06)3.8 (.15)
PPL-H-BPress-InBlack Nitride1.6 (.06)3.8 (.15)
PPL-N-ZPress-InZinc Plate Chromate Plus Sealer1.6 (.06)3.8 (.15)
PPL-N-BPress-InBlack Nitride1.6 (.06)3.8 (.15)
PSL-H-NThread-InAluminum0.79 (.031)3.18 (.125)
PSL-H-BThread-InBlack Nitride0.79 (.031)3.18 (.125)
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