MC Series – Retractable Captive Fasteners

Designed for a wide range of control panels, circuit boards, access ports and removable units, captive fasteners prevent lost hardware and damage caused by dropping fasteners into operating equipment. Ideal for mounting doors, panels and other hardware components in limited spaces, Matdan's MC Series offers virtually limitless combinations of options for a variety of applications.


  • Multiple headstyles and captivation styles available to accommodate a variety of material and access requirements
  • Available in both standard metric and Imperial screw thread sizes
  • Stylized knob can be operated with a tool or fingers. Also available with tamper resistant drive recesses for improved security
  • Spring ejected design retracts threads when not engaged so that panels will not scratch

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Part Numberinstallationthreaddrivescrew_materialfinishknob_styleknob_material
MCL-M6E0-1-KBFloatingM6Combo Slot Six-LobeStainless SteelBlackFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6E1-1-KNFloatingM6Combo Slot Six-LobeStainless SteelNaturalFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6E1-1-KBFloatingM6Combo Slot Six-LobeStainless SteelBlackFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6E2-1-KNFloatingM6Combo Slot Six-LobeStainless SteelNaturalFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6E2-1-KBFloatingM6Combo Slot Six-LobeStainless SteelBlackFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6C0-1-KNFloatingM6Combo Slot PhillipsStainless SteelNaturalFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6C0-1-KBFloatingM6Combo Slot PhillipsStainless SteelBlackFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6C1-1-KNFloatingM6Combo Slot PhillipsStainless SteelNaturalFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6C1-1-KBFloatingM6Combo Slot PhillipsStainless SteelBlackFull KnurlAluminum
MCL-M6C2-1-KNFloatingM6Combo Slot PhillipsStainless SteelNaturalFull KnurlAluminum
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