MH Series

The MH captive fasteners are ideal for applications where easy access to work panels is important. These captive fasteners are spring loaded to provide permanent retention when unfastened, preventing loss of hardware in moving parts or behind the panel. 
With our extensive industry experience and knowledge, Matdan is able to provide among the fastest turnaround in the industry.  Call us to learn more about the new MH Series High Profile Captive Screws.


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  • Designed for Aerospace and Defense applications
  • Manufactured with DFARS compliant Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Provide permanent retention
  • Available in Floating or Flare-In Styles, and a variety of thread sizes, drive recesses, and finishes

Parts List Swipe this way

Part Numberscrew_materialfinish
MHL-35W2H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-M6W3H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-35W3H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-M6W4H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-35W4H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-M6W5H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-35W5H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-M4W1H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-12FW1H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
MHL-M4W2H-6A-AN4LA-286 Stainless SteelClear
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